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A World In Peril….

Welcome to the world of Aepiryon. A world fractured by terrible war. The people see their greatest institutions ground to rubble as the forces of Life fight against the great Lich Lords and their armies, led by those terrible Wyrms, the Ancient Chromatic Dragons.

Seeing the heroes of the Age slain by claw and blade, the weave of magic itself torn and tattered from beyond the veil of death and with the world itself in the balance the Metallic dragons look towards themselves and the remaining weavers of magic. Together they are able to tap into the heart of the world and shackle the Lich Lords and the great evil wyrms to a place between worlds, ever dark and Neverending. The cost was steep though, and after the great ritual there was no trace of Dragon or mage.

We come to this world five years later. Licking it’s wounds and trying to get life back to normal, but the world has been irrevocably changed. The wild parts of the world have become unsafe. The goblin scourge preys on remote villages and wandering travelers and while the great Chromatic Dragons are gone, their spawn hunt the land while their Kobold servants build extravagant lairs. People talk in hushed voices around their fires, across beer soaked tables and as they bring the harvest. Did every Hero die? Did the Metallic Dragons abandon us? Will magic come back to the world to save us?

The world needs new heroes to step up to defend it. To swing the swords, to repair the weave of magic and to find the dragons. Will you be those heroes?

Home Page

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