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Goblins & Goblinoids

Not much is known about how goblinoids came about. What we do know is that the Lich Lords created them to be their servants and to sow discord across the land. In the last 80 years the wizards And other arcane scholars have determined that Goblinoids spread like a fungus across the land. When the life blood is spilled by an evil sentient creature, on the next new moon goblins will sprout. These goblins instinctively search out the dark hidden places, whether they be deep woods, dark crevasses of earth or the dank sewer systems of a city.

Goblins are intelligent and through some form of magic seek each other out, growing small groups into potent raiding parties. In the early stages of a goblin infestation they will attempt to kidnap children, small animals and the infirm. They take these poor souls back to their lairs and cocoon them, changing them into other forms of goblinoids. As their strength grows they seek out hale and hearty full grown peoples. Strong fighters might become a bugbear warrior, while a mage kidnapped in their sleep might be transformed into a Goblin spell slinger or artificer.

As their numbers grow they seek to create fortified camps and villages, ever increasing their numbers. Unable to live in balance with their surroundings, they will lay waste like a swarm of locusts. It is in every sentient creatures best interest to stamp out these infestations as soon as they are found, lest a region be turned into a deadlands, barren for a generation before life can take hold again. The one saving grace of the goblin hoards is that they are mortal, and require the same things as people to survive, and can die just as easily as a man.


Kobolds are a gift from the Lich Lords to the chromatic dragons to guarantee their service. using kidnapped scions of the metallic dragons, the peoples known as dragon born, and the blood of chromatic dragons the Lich Lords were able to create a race of tiny dragon folk, that by blood are compelled to worship the great evil wyrms. A small race, and generally weak when caught by themselves, they are fierce in groups with a strong compulsion to defend the clutch. Kobolds as a whole are bright and inquisitive and many are known to tinker. A lot of their industry goes into building traps and other devices used to defend themselves. Well established Kobold dens will have a small cadre of artificers leading the efforts of the whole clutch. While not as skillful as dwarves, Kobolds are also prolific stone workers and the chromatic dragons employ their tiny servants to create lavish lairs that are as beautiful as they are deadly.

Kobolds, unlike Goblins, aren’t inherently evil. They normally are bonded at birth to their dragon overlord, but can be broken free upon the great dragon’s death. Too long in their service though, and a Kobold’s mind will break upon this freedom, but a few younglings have been saved from a clutch after such a victory and have went on to lead productive lives in the free lands. There have been many a wizard and artificer who have worked on creating artificial bonding pheromones’ that would allow a Kobold to be raised free without the threat of being subsumed by a Dragon overlord. Many have posited what a Kobold society would look like free of Dragon rule, but the Dragon’s never let their broods grow too large, and Free Kobolds rarely clutch for fear their young might be turned against them.


On the full moon the dead will rise. Picking themselves and their arms from forgotten battle fields, massacres and the necropolisses under the shining cities of men. Not much is known about the cause of this necromancy, and whether it is a left over from the war or some secret trap triggered by the Liches upon their banishment. One saving grace is it seems to take more power to raise the ancient dead, so whole cemeteries didn’t raise at once. Such a thing could have spelled doom for the living. The only other thing we know is that the head needs to be destroyed to keep the dead down for good.


Orcs are a friendly race in this world. See info on them under the people of the world section.

Monster Information

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